European conference of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU
Opportunities of SEIS and SISE: Integrating Environmental Knowledge in Europe | March 25-27, 2009 | Prague, Czech Republic

Social Programme | Conference Dinner

Conference social event and dinner
Bethlehem Chapel - 26.3., 20:00
with cultural programme, the best papers award and some refreshment.


The concert of KANTILÉNA, children and youth choir of Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Martin Jakubíček – organ, Jakub Klecker - conductor.

KANTILÉNA is a strictly selective choir, laureate of many international choir competitions, co-operating with leading conductors, orchestras and contemporary composers, whose latest works are introduced by this choir at concerts and recorded on sound recordings.

Download: Programme of the concert (PDF) PDF

Best Papers Award:

The three best papers from sessions sessions and workshops will be awarded by software products MapleSim and Maple of Canadian company Maplesoft - main partner of conference and the set of gold medail wines of the wine world competition in Paris 2009 from Znovin Znojmo - partner of conference. The representative of the Canadian embassy, the Commission and the city of Prague will participate on the ceremony together with the head of jury Dr. Werner Pillmann.

The chapel was built at the end of the 14th century in the period of the biggest prosperity in 1402-1412. Mr. Jan Hus used to sermon there and it became the center of the reformist stream, an ideological support of the later Hussite wars.
In 1786 Emperor Josef II. ordered to pull down the Chapel, the present chapel was thus rebuilt in 1948-1954 according to designs of the original chapel.
The Bethlehem Chapel is now used for University graduation ceremonies and various cultural activities.


Betlemska kaple - map